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Conveyor Pans

Replacement Shaker Conveyor Pan Set:

This AR-400 BHN replacement shaker pan conveyor set was modified to allow for individual pan replacement, from the original weld-in design.

Additional “casting stops” were also fabricated and added to aid in sand core removal during the casting flow.

Perforated Shaker Pans:

Made from 1/2” Thk. abrasion resistant AR-400 BHN steel, these perforated shaker pan liners were cut, drilled / countersunk, and welded for a direct replacement.

Perforated pan liners are available in a number of hole patterns and plate thicknesses.

Shot Blast Recovery Pans:

The solid pans were made from 3/8” Thk. AR-400 BHN, and drilled / countersunk for a direct replacement to existing worn pan liners.

Shot Blast Entrance Cone Assembly:

This shot blast transition cone assembly was made from a combination of AR-400 BHN and 11-14% "Hafield Grade" Austenitic Manganese Steel, with a number of support ribs added to increase structural integrity during operation.

The purpose of the assembly was to direct the incoming castings and gating from the wider flat conveyor pan to the smaller cone opening prior to entering into the shot blast machine for cleaning.

Sand Conveyor Dryer Pan:

These perforated sand dryer pans were made from 1/8" Thk. Type 304 Stainless Steel, and perforated with 1/8" dia. holes prior to being drilled, countersunk, and formed for a direct replacement to existing worn and corroded pan liners.