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11-14% Austenitic Manganese Steel Fabrications

Manganese Drive Shaft Guards:

These 11-14% Manganese Steel interlocking shaft guards were created to replace existing cast alloy guards.

The guards were formed and machined to allow for an “interlocking lap-link” seal, protecting the shot blast machine drive shaft from the ricocheting shot traveling within the blast cabinet.

Manganese Corrugated Pan liners:

Made from 1/2” Thk. 11-14% “Hadfield Grade” Austenitic Manganese Steel, these special corrugated shot blast pan liners were formed to allow for a designated casting positioning while transiting through the blast cabinet during the cleaning operation.

Manganese Corrugated Pan Retainer Bars:

These 2” Thk. X 4” wide 11-14% Manganese Steel bars were drilled and counterbored for use in securing the Manganese Steel corrugated plates (above) in place during operation.

Manganese Perforated Liner Plates:

Made from 1” Thk. 11-14% Austenitic Manganese Steel, these liner plates were plasma cut to size, and then drilled with a pattern of 3/8” dia. and 1/2” dia. holes for shot drainage during blasting within a shot blast cabinet.

Rolled / Formed Parts:

This 1/2” Thk. X 1-1/2” wide rolled Manganese Steel ring was used as a wear ring within a larger assembly.

Machined Manganese Riding Rings:

These 2.375" Thk. 11-14% Manganese Steel Blast Cage Riding Rings were made into 3 X 120 º sections per ring. The sections were plasma cut to size, machined (4-sides), and fly-cut on the ends to assure a precision O.D. fit.

To aid in identification and installation, all pieces were pre-assembled, stamped, and then shipped in sets.

Manganese Perforated Flight Sections:

5/8” Thk. 11-14% Austenitic Manganese Steel shot blast flights were cut to size, and then perforated with 3/8” dia. drilled holes to maintain consistant holes hot drainage, and prevent hole plugging by flashing / gating.

Manganese Rotary Impact Liners:

To provide additional impact resistance from the 14 lb. forgings dropping onto the original liner plates, 11-14% Austenitic Manganese Steel was used with positive results.

Parts are routinely stenciled by Steel Strategies in an effort to assist customers in part and material grade recognition.