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Screens & Drums

Replacement Media Drum Cylinders:

Available with flared and straight discharge openings, replacement media cylinder drums can be fabricated with customer-specific options to increase casting part flow and drum life.

Woven Wire Screen Sections:

Screen sections are available in abrasive resistant (380 BHN) wire or 11-14% "Hadfield Grade" Austenitic Manganese Steel for varied applications. Wide variety of wire diameters and opening size allows for exact sizing requirements.

The radius surface of woven wire screen prevents a collection of material on top of the screen during use, encouraging material flow.

Woven Wire Screen Sections (Formed):

Screen sections can be pre-rolled to the required radius prior to customer installation. Due to the difficulty in handling the woven wire screen sections, pre-rolling is recommended for secure installation and safety.

Perforated Drum Sections:

Available as a complete drum, or in a tac-welded pre-assembled condition. All flanges are to have the mounting bolt pattern installed.