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Thank you for your interest in Steel Strategies Inc. The goal of our company is to provide a quality product that will meet/exceed our customer’s expectations, which will be completed in a timely manner, and with the finished product being one in which Steel Strategies would be proud to offer. This is accomplished by having only certified prime materials used in the manufacturing process and maintaining a high level of “attention-to-detail” until project completion. In addition, Steel Strategies may offer suggestions to our customers as warranted if we feel that we can contribute to the success of the project.

Background: Steel Strategies provides quality impact and wear resistant products concentrating primarily on the needs of the shot blast, automotive, mining, and heavy equipment industries. Customers include both Domestic and Japanese automotive companies, as well as a large international heavy equipment manufacturer.

Fabrication Products Include: 11-14% Hadfield Grade Austenitic Manganese Steel shot blast replacement parts (cabinet liners, monorail parts hangers, grating, decking, and machined housings) Replacement shaker pan wear rails, conveyor pan replacement liners, grizzly decks out of AR 420 BHN material Gear box, spindle, and drive roller repair Plasma cutting, machining, forming, welding, heat treating and assembly of required components out of 11-14% Hadfield Grade Austenitic Manganese Steel, A-36 mild steel, abrasion resistant (400, 500, BHN) steel, alloys, tool steel, and stainless steel Fully AutoCAD compliant, with plotting capabilities of finished drawings Custom fabrication to customer specifications

** Domestic Automotive Manufacturer - Gray Iron Casting Plant – Work closely with Cleaning Room Maintenance Planning Specialists and general foremen to assist in maintaining numerous shot blast machines currently in use, which are critical in the proper cleaning of the 6.8L, 5.4L, 4,6L, and 3.0L cast iron engine blocks prior to machining and final assembly. Coordinate with maintenance supervisors to provide improved customer-specific components, achieving increases in part life, reduced machine down-time, and increased overall part productivity.

** International Heavy Equipment Manufacturer - Component Assembly Plant – Developed, in cooperation with customer’s engineering dept., various styles of lifting devices for use in final component engine assembly of the Caterpillar #3126 2-valve, #3126 3-valve, and #C-9 diesel engines. This was a direct result of Steel Strategies being contacted by the customer to address a critical safety issue with the older style lifting devices previously in use. The outcome was a safer lifting device for both line workers and finished components.

** Japanese Automotive Manufacturer - Component Casting Plant - Work closely with Ferrous Casting Department (cleaning room / sand plant) to maintain and repair shot blast equipment, disk and drum deburr equipment, incorporating small parts precision machining and heat treatment of required parts for increased part service life. Assisted in the development of a maintenance repair program for the rebuilding vs. new replacement of casting deburr equipment, increasing the time between required repairs from 6 months to 3 years, at a savings of approximately $88,000.00 over a 4 year period.