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Shaker, Crusher, and Perforated Deck Plates

Coal Crusher Rotary Breaker Plates:

Rotary breaker plates were made from 1” Thk. AR-420 BHN abrasion resistant steel, then cut and formed to required radius.

The plates were later drilled and countersunk for a direct bolt-in replacement of worn plates.

Foundry Shaker and Grizzly Decks:

Shaker Decks made from AR-430 BHN abrasion resistant steel and 11-14% Hadfield Grade Austenitic Manganese Steel, with square and slotted perforated holes. Plates can also be drilled and countersunk for direct fit applications.

Casting Vibratory Shot Plate:

3/8” Thk. AR-430 BHN plate plasma cut to size with 3/8” dia. plasma cut staggered drain holes.

Vibratory Shaker Lead-in Rails:

Lead-in shaker rails made from 1” Thk. AR-400 BHN, formed and then drilled / counterbored for installation.

Casting Block Flashing Definner:

Fabricated to enable castings to shed unwanted casting flashing, prior to being conveyed to shakeout decks and final machining.