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Augers, Flighting, and Components

Severe Duty Shot Blast Distribution Screw:

This auger assembly was built for severe duty due to the customer’s extremely abrasive operating environment. Upgrades include extra heavy wall A4140 H.T. tubing, AR-420 BHN flighting vs. original A36 mild steel, and A4140 H.T. stub & drive shaft - extended in length for better weight distribution.

The result was an increase in service life from 9 months to 31 months.

Chromium Carbide Overlay Auger Section:

This removable auger section was upgraded from A36 mild steel to 3/4" Thk. (3/8” on 3/8”) Chromium Carbide Overlay for better material conveying in this particular sand/shot environment.

Service life was increased from 12 months to 30 months.

Variable Pitch Shot Recovery Auger:

Upgrades of AR-400 BHN on the flighting and A4140 H.T. for the stub shafts (drive and idler) were used to increase the service life.

This completed auger assembly utilizes a variable right hand / left hand pitch in order to convey material away from the initial flow entrance.

Replacement Auger Stub Shafts:

Auger Stub Shafts are available in standard C1045 or A4140 H.T. material depending on the application. Lengths and O.D. may be adjusted to match auger load requirements.

Stub shafts are also available in various mounting configurations (weld-in, bolt-on, etc.)

Replacement Auger Flighting:

Flighting sections are available in a wide variety of materials including 11-14% Austenitic Manganese Steel, AR-400 BHN, Stainless Steel, and A36 mild steel.

In many instances, worn flighting may be replaced during shutdowns, without the removal of the entire auger assembly. This savings in time and labor cost can contribute to a more productive shutdown.

Replacement Auger and Trough Assembly:

Auger and trough assemblies can be fabricated as one completed ready-to-install assembly with bearings and stub shafts, or as separate components. Material grades to include mild steel, AR-400 BHN, Stainless Steel, and 11-14% Hadfield Grade Austenitic Manganese Steel