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Unique & Specialty Items

The above example was presented to the Engineering and Ferrous Casting Maintenance staff at a Japanese Automotive Engine Component Plant. The 11-14% Manganese Steel “paperweight” illustrates the capability to precision cut, weld, drill, tap, machine, and thread (example is national course & fine thread) 11-14% “Hadfield Grade” Austenitic Manganese Steel.

Left: Worn casting relief rollers are unable to properly transport the cast engine block, due to insufficient traction needed to convey the block.

Right: Steel Strategies provided 60-62 Rc. D2 Heat Treated replacement rollers, with increased machined flashing relief notches.

Left and Upper Right: When commercial plastic warehouse drain grates gave way from the weight of the company forklift creating a safety hazard, the decision was made to make various types of heavy duty floor drain grates out of steel.

Lower Right: A machine stop made from 3” Thk. AR- 400 BHN.